• Laminate Tube: New Trend For The Pharmaceutical And Cosmetic Industry

    A combination of several layers of polymers and other layers is used to make laminated tubes. The main reason for using the laminated tube is to increase the shelf life of material and it is considered to be a great barrier. Apart from that, the demand for this kind of packaging is rising day by day from various industries like pharmaceuticals, foods, cosmetics, etc.

    These tubes are easily customized by using aluminium and plastic as per demand. Usually, aluminium and plastics are used to create a barrier for creating multilayer laminate foil. Aluminium and plastic incorporate the inner and outer surface of the tube.

    The popularity of Laminated Tube: 

    Laminated tubes are utilized in various fields because their application is safe and easy. Various industries are incorporating these tubes while packaging their products. The benefits of using these tubes are flexibility, puncture-proof, moisture-proof, easy to handle, smooth, etc. These tubes are easily accustomed to the various types of caps like stand up caps, flip-top, etc. This is one of the major reasons to incorporate these tubes widely in various industries.

    Importance of laminated tubes in the cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries:

    Nowadays various types of pharmaceutical products like antifungal creams, oral gels, muscle relaxants, etc. are kept in laminated tubes. Cosmetics industries now believe in attractive packaging so that they use these tubes to maintain the look as well as the shelf life. Laminated tube manufacturers focus to maintain the moisture-resistant quality while making the tube. So that it is very much used in various industries.


    The benefits of using this tube are quite similar to the plastics but the barrier characteristics are the same as metals.

    Increase the shelf life of the materials.

    It prevents the material from spoilage.

    It is considered as tamper-resistant, toxin-free, lightweight, hygienic, etc. So that it is pharmaceutically used frequently. 



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